Seeing your students develop their math skills is fascinating. Tracking their progress throughout the school year helps inform teaching decisions. For this reason, we have introduced a mid-year assessment into our program. You can use it as a control point as long as your students have been using Happy Numbers for at least two months. After your students complete the mid-year assessment, Happy Numbers might modify individual assignments based on the results if we see that a student is more advanced than his/her assignment. Also, Premium users will be able to compare the results with those from the placement test earlier in the year using quantile measure.

By default, the mid-year assessment is not activated for your class because we know how many other tests and assessments your students have to take already. However, if you are interested in it, you can activate it in your Control Panel tab by ticking the checkbox next to “Mid-year test”: 

When activating the mid-year assessment, you can choose the time window for the assessment to show up in students’ accounts:

When your students log into their account, they will see the assessment test instead of their usual progress bar. No worries! Their progress won’t be lost following the assessment -- everything will switch back to the standard view once they complete the test.

The mid-year test doesn’t have instant feedback, so it’s time for students to test their knowledge. 

Happy learning and testing! 

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