We know how packed your schedule is, so we are doing our best to provide you with actionable data in the most efficient way. 

In the Reports tab of your teacher account are Class Summary and Class Activity reports. They help you quickly assess where your students are at the moment,  how soon they will be ready for the next grade, and how much time they have spent practicing over the last four weeks. 

Below you will find a detailed description of these features. 

Class Summary 

The diagram on the left shows how your students are currently distributed between grades, according to the placement test and their pace and performance. You can see the list of students in each section of the diagram by hovering over it. 

The graph next to it shows an estimate of how much time until your students reach next grade readiness, given their current pace. Please note that students who are already in the next grades will not be shown in this graph. 

Class Activity 

This graph is a quick snapshot of whether your students have completed their weekly target over the last four weeks. The weekly target is the time your students are expected to spend practicing Happy Numbers. You can see the list of students by hovering over the respective sections of the graph. If you want to know more about how much time your students spend practicing with Happy Numbers, or would like to change the default settings, please choose the Control Panel tab and go to Weekly Target.

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