We know how important it is to keep tabs on how your students are doing in Happy Numbers. That’s why we provide an instrument that allows you to do just that. It’s called Control Panel, and it can be reached by logging into your account and tapping on the Control Panel tab.
Control Panel has two major features: Weekly Target and Assessments. 

Weekly Target enables you to set, adjust, and track the time your students spend practicing with Happy Numbers. Want to learn more about Weekly Target? Click here to read a detailed article about it.
Assessments help measure the progression of math skills. When students first log in, they are all required to take a placement test that helps build a personalized program for each of them. After two months of learning with Happy Numbers, a mid-year test becomes available. Finally, starting from mid-May, your students can take an end-of-year test. By default, both mid- and end-of-year tests are turned off: your students won’t take them unless you activate them in the Control Panel. Want to learn more about Assessments? Click here to read a detailed article about it.

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