Quantile measures help educators and parents track student growth in mathematics over time, regardless of grade level. Within any classroom students will have varying mathematical abilities. In partnership with Meta Metrics and Happy Numbers, you will get this Quantile measure for each student and be able to track growth over the instructional year and beyond.

Because growth is expected from one school year to the next, Quantile measures do not translate specifically to grade levels. Based on research conducted by Meta Metrics, this chart provides ranges for typical student performance at a particular grade level. These ranges reflect the middle 50% of student performance within a grade level. These Quantile measures do not imply grade-level expectations.

NOTE: These bands do not represent performance levels or performance standards. They provide descriptive information and are appropriate for norm-referenced interpretations only.

Please visit www.Quantiles.com for more information on how to use this data in your classroom and to further differentiate or find appropriate tasks that can be used in small group rotations in partnership with your core curriculum and Happy Numbers implementation.

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