The Happy Numbers Placement assessment, powered by The Quantile® Framework for Mathematics, is designed to assess students’ mathematics readiness in grades K through 5.

Upon entering Happy Numbers all students take the Happy Numbers Placement assessment. The results are used to determine a student’s readiness for mathematics instruction on grade-level skills and concepts. It also helps place the student at the appropriate starting point in the Happy Numbers curriculum. If a student scores a quantile measure (QM) below grade level, they will be placed in an appropriately individualized pathway — where they are ready to get instruction. Conversely, if a student places on grade level they will begin with the first module of their enrolled grade, students that score above grade level with skip any skills they are proficient at and begin in the middle of their enrolled grade pathway, with the next grade level content queued up and ready as students complete the on-grade level pathway. Happy Numbers wants students to work where they are ready to get instruction, and for those students that show higher level readiness will move quickly through the program and get the next grade level pathways more quickly — however, we want to ensure that they have true conservation of the skills required at their enrolled grade level before moving them on.

The placement test is adaptive, consists of 20 multiple-choice items for each grade level, and covers the skills and concepts associated with the Happy Numbers curriculum for the previous grade level.

Results of the Placement Test are shown on the teacher’s dashboard and progress report tabs, indicating each student’s below or on grade level placement. A yellow dot indicates below grade level and a green dot indicates on grade level. Progress through exercises with weeks to grade level readiness and math growth once mid-year and end of year assessments are administered will appear in math growth column on the teacher dashboard.

This chart displays the class based on Quantile Measure, thus giving the teacher insights for differentiation. A minimum of 60 days is required for each student between placement, mid and end of year assessments and after the mid-year assessment, student’s pathways will be adjusted to accommodate for growth.

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