Each time 10 students from one class log into Happy Numbers, the teacher’s score increases by 1 point. Scores will increase by 2 points when students login twice a week.  We encourage students to actively login and participate at least twice per week.

Please note that students must open a card and complete the activity in order for the teacher to gain points. If students log in to Happy Numbers without solving any exercises, the score does not change. 

This score is calculated only for classrooms that have more than 10 students. If you'd like to receive a score for classes that have less than 10 students, please send your request to our Customer Success team.   

For classes that were boarded at the beginning of the school year, the total average score is:

34 for students using Happy Numbers once a week

68 for students using Happy Numbers twice a week

A typical calendar year for teachers using Happy Numbers may look like this:

If your class was boarded after August, use the following formula to calculate your average score:

Number of months of usage * 4 = Average score for the current date

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