During a school closing, Happy Numbers is here to work with you to ensure the uninterrupted education of PK-5 students. We’ll help you deliver quality math instruction and monitor progress and math growth - all remotely. 

To ease the challenge of transitioning to online instruction, Happy Numbers is offering free access for the rest of the school year - no strings attached.

Already have a Happy Numbers account? Check out this article to get started from home!

Students can access Happy Numbers from any Internet-enabled device (even a smartphone!). They can start learning remotely today to ensure they don’t fall behind -- in just 15 mins a day, 4 times a week.

To grant students access from home, follow these easy steps -- see which option is best for you:

If you are new to Happy Numbers and NOT using Clever in your classroom: 

  • Go to HappyNumbers.com

  • Click the “I’m a Teacher” button

  • Sign up and set up your class

  • Click the "Student Login Cards" button and save the PDF to your computer

  • Download the Parent Letter (English or Spanish)

  • Share the "Student Login Cards" and "Parent Letter" PDFs with parents

At the first login, your students will take the Placement Test to determine their appropriate starting point in the Happy Numbers curriculum.  

For Admins: If you would like to sign up all your PK-5 students, please send an email to support@happynumbers.com to get started.

If you are new to Happy Numbers and using Clever in your classroom:

If your students have access to Clever from home, add Happy Numbers to your teacher page:

  • Go to Happy Numbers app on Clever (you’ll need to log in with your Clever account)

  • Click the “Try It Out” button to add the app to your teacher page

Happy Numbers will appear in each student's Clever account. When they click on the Dino icon, they will be directed to Happy Numbers. Students will take the Placement Test to determine their appropriate starting point in the curriculum.  

For Admins: If you would like launch Happy Numbers for the whole school or district please visit this page and send us a request via Clever.


Why is Happy Numbers right for online instruction during a school closing?

  • Easy to implement: Happy Numbers takes just 10 minutes to set up. The result is an ongoing math curriculum that adapts itself in response to individual student progress -- it continually meets the changing needs of your students.

  • Rigorous content: Happy Numbers isn’t one of those “all-singing, all-dancing, no learning” resources. Instead, we teach students to “think math.” Hands-on modeling, a variety of manipulatives, and exposure to multiple representations help students create connections and build meaning behind the math.

  • An individual approach: No student is bored or over-challenged with Happy Numbers. Our placement test ensures everyone starts off at the right point. Ongoing scaffolding unpacks new learning gradually -- the way you would. Instant feedback helps students correct mistakes and progress independently. 

  • Meets diverse needs: Students performing above or below grade level? We have the right content to challenge them or provide remediation. Emerging readers? We provide audio support in a natural human voice. What about ELL students? Happy Numbers is available in Spanish, both written and spoken. 

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