You can easily create a Happy Numbers link in your Google Classroom using your teacher dashboard on Happy Numbers.

To share Happy Numbers with Google Classroom, you first need to create a class on Happy Numbers. Then click the button “Share to Google Classroom” in the top right corner of your teacher account:

A pop-up window will then appear. Select the class you want to share a link with using the drop-down menu:

On the next step, choose "Create assignment." When students click on the link in their Google Classroom accounts, they will be redirected to your Happy Numbers class page.

Next, add a title and description. We recommend assigning Happy Numbers to the whole class and not choosing a due date as Happy Numbers is not a homework assignment resource. It's a year-long math curriculum that helps your students practice math in just 15 minutes a day, 4-5 times a week.

Here is an example of text you can use for the title and description:

Title - Learn Math at home with Happy Numbers

Description - Due to the school closure, our class has an option to learn math online using Happy Numbers. It’s a web-based PK-5 math tool that moves students along at their own pace based on responses and provides helpful feedback after any errors.

After you click "Assign" in the top right corner, your assignment will be posted and you will able to see it on your Google Classroom page. 

To log in, your students need to go to their Google Classroom account and click the link in the assignment you've made. They will be redirected to your Happy Numbers class page, where they can choose their name and enter their password.
Since Happy Numbers requires passwords for each student account and due to Covid19 situation we were not able to finish the full integration with Google Classroom - please first share your student's password with the parents:

  • Log into your Happy Numbers teacher account

  • Click the "Roster" button

  • Click the "Print passwords" button and save the PDF to your computer

  • Share this PDF with parents

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