HappyNumbers offers three formal assessments powered by The Quantile® Framework. Test results are measured in quantiles (Q*), available only to Premium users who purchased a subscription.

We’ve designed a separate Student Assessment Report to provide teachers with a convenient option to launch assessments and interpret the results. This dashboard lets you set the test dates and track the details on three formal assessments: Placement Test, Mid-Year Test, and End-of-Year Test.

The Assessment Report consists of three main parts: the assessment calendar, distribution diagrams, and the student data tab.

The Calendar

This lets you set suitable dates to launch the tests for your class. To activate an assessment, click Set Dates next to the desired test, pick the appropriate dates, and you’re good to go!

Note: Please keep in mind that you can’t change the Placement Test dates since it’s mandatory, and it is assigned to K-5 students by default as soon as they log in.

Distribution Diagrams

This section displays data on your class distribution based on the assessment results and lets you track the Quantile growth (no Quantiles for free users). It’s also designed for teachers to be able to compare the assessment results in order to modify the learning process for the rest of the year.

By hovering over sections of the diagram, you can see student names in that section.

Note: The distribution diagrams will appear on the dashboard as soon as at least one of your students completes the Mid-Year Assessment ( check it again).

Student Data Tab

This section provides you with student data on their completed assessments and the math growth they achieved.

Let's see how a teacher can read the information from this tab (checking Happy Student1)

  1. Happy Student 1 scored 100Q on the Placement Test.

  2. He scored 130Q on the M-Y assessment.

  3. At the end of the year, he scored 160Q on the EOY.

  4. He has spent 15 mins on completing the most recent test.

  5. Based on the assessment results, his math growth is 60Q (EOY compared to PT).

If you are not satisfied with the test results for a good reason, there is always the option to reset it within two weeks after the test is taken. Please click Reset next to the assessment you want to start over.

Note: To achieve appropriate/true results, we recommend resetting the test only once.

Please check out our teacher blog HERE to learn more about Happy Numbers assessments.

Happy Learning!

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