Happy Numbers Reports allows teachers to analyze class and individual student progress. First, click on the ‘Reports’ button on your teacher dashboard.

This will reveal to you three main areas: Class Summary, Class Activity, and Reports.

Class Summary 

The circle graph on the left shows how your students are currently distributed between grades, according to the Placement Test results and their pace and performance.

The histogram next to it shows an estimate of how many months it will take your students to reach next grade readiness based on their current pace. 

Class Activity 

This graph is a quick snapshot of whether your students have completed their weekly target over the last four weeks. 

More information about Class Summary and Class Activity.


The Reports section below the diagrams has three tabs: Dashboard, Progress Report, and Activity Stream. Clicking on any of these tabs reveals more in-depth analysis of student progress.


The Weekly Target column shows student progress toward a time target for the last 3 weeks and the current week. If a student completes the target, the circle will be green. If the weekly target is completed partially or not started, the circle will be yellow or red accordingly. By default, the weekly target is set to 45 minutes per week. You may customize the weekly target for your class - here’s a link for more information. However, we recommend a 45-min weekly target to allow every student complete the individually assigned program. 

The Learning Pathway Column shows where your students are in the current grade curriculum. Note: Depending on the results of the Placement Test, not all students start the curriculum from the beginning.

The Next Grade Readiness Column displays how many weeks are left to reach the next grade level. This is an approximate metric -- it may change from week to week depending on student progress.

Happy Numbers calculates Math Growth after each completed assessment. More about assessments and Math Growth.

Progress Report

The Progress Report tab includes more detailed information on each student’s learning pathway: starting point, modules, completed topics, and topic in process. 

Note: gray sections indicate that the student has skipped them based on the Placement Test. 

Note: You can print your detailed Progress Report by clicking ‘Print report’ in the upper right corner of the screen. 

The printed report contains: 

1) Summary: the number of active students (those who have finished the Placement Test and started exercises), how many problems your class solved, and total time spent; 

2) Individual student overviews: starting point, current progress, total exercises (each exercise includes several problems), and total time spent

Activity Stream

The Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly buttons at the top right allow you to choose the period to observe. The report will show the activity of all students who have used Happy Numbers during the chosen period. Click ‘show details’ on the right to see more data about what exercises and how many of them were completed and how much time was spent. 

Select an individual student to observe a detailed summary for that student. 

Note: You can print the Activity Stream report by clicking ‘Print report’.

It contains detailed information for the chosen period. 

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