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What is Happy Numbers?

Get to know more about Happy Numbers, our instructional approach, and the way we help teachers boost student math growth

What is Happy Letters?

Effective ELA supplement helping students master letters and sounds

Getting Started

Get a read on how to set up a class either manually or by running integration through Clever or ClassLink

Roster Management

Everything you need to know about the options to edit your class data

Student Experience

Check how student account works

Happy Numbers Assignment

Assign tasks focused on particular skills for extra practice and instruction

Happy Curriculum

Find out more about adjusting the student curriculum

Happy Printables

Printed materials for K-5 curriculum

Assessments and Math Growth

Set your Placement Test and run MOY/EOY assessments to monitor class performance

Teacher Reports & Class Data

Dive deep into analyzing student effectiveness

For Administrators

Find out how you can become a school/district administrator and what monitoring tools administrators have

Math Challenge

Engage entire grade levels in a friendly competition aligned with each student’s individual learning journey.

For Homeschooling Parents

Looking to be enrolled as a parent? Learn more about parent options at Happy Numbers


Learn more about pricing options and purchasing process


Instructions on how to receive financial aid in obtaining Happy Numbers Premium license for your class or school


Short answers to basic questions

Billing & Payments

Frequently asked questions about purchasing process