How to set up devices?

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Make sure your first run with Happy Numbers is about learning math, not wrestling with technology.

  1. Select the right browser – avoid glitches! To run Happy Numbers we recommend:

     – on iPad use Safari
     – on PC or Mac use Google Chrome

  2. Enter class number – save time!
    On a device:
    – go to
    – click “I’m a Student”
    – enter your class number (you can find it in your teacher account, on the roster page).
    The device will remember this number so students won’t have to enter it again.

  3. Test the audio feature – support non-readers
    After entering class number:
    – click the “sound check” link (below the list of student names)
    – click on the blue dynamic icon “How many cubes?”

    If you hear the text read aloud, everything is good to go! Students will be able to click on any blue dynamic icon within Happy Numbers exercises to hear it read aloud.
    If you don’t hear anything, ensure you are using the right browser and that it is the most uptodate version (see explanations above). Also, check the volume and whether the device is in “silent mode”.

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