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Connect your Clever account to Happy Numbers with Clever Library service

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Teachers who use Clever in their classrooms can start with Happy Numbers connected to Clever in just a few simple steps. Following the link you can find the steps below with the screenshots provided:

  • Visit and log into your Clever account

  • Select the "Library" tab at the top of the page

  • Enter "Happy Numbers" in the search box and select the suggestion

  • Click the "Install Happy Numbers" button

  • Click the "Allow and Continue" Button

You will be redirected to your Happy Numbers account and your class roster from Clever will be synced with Happy Numbers. In case you already have any manual Happy Numbers classes you can always switch between classes in your teacher account.
Please be aware that once you set up your class through Clever, Happy Numbers is not able to make any changes to your class roster (split classes / combine classes / transfer, add, or delete students). For this purpose you should contact your school Clever administrator. Once your class info is changed in the Clever portal, it will automatically be synced with your Happy Numbers account.

Students login

Students need to click the Dino icon in their student Clever accounts to login but if for some reason students don't have an access to their Clever accounts, they still can use Happy Numbers with teacher's help:

  • Download the Parent Letter (English or Spanish)

  • Log into your Happy Numbers teacher account through Clever

  • Click the "Roster" button

  • Click the "Print passwords" button and save the PDF to your computer

  • Share the student passwords and "Parent Letter" PDFs with students

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