How can I edit my class roster?

Add, edit or delete students info for your class and download an updated version of “Students Login Cards” PDF in your teacher account.

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You can edit your class roster whenever you need it in the Roster section of your teacher account. 

  • Edit your class name

  • Add or delete students

  • Edit students’ names and passwords

  • Print or download PDF with students log in information

Edit your class name
To edit your class name click "Edit" and rename the class as you want. Please mind that the class number can’t be changed.

Add or delete students
You can add students to your roster. At the bottom of the roster press “Add another student”. 

You can also delete students if you no longer need them by pressing the “Delete” button.

Edit students' info
Edit your student’s information: their names, passwords by pressing the “Edit” button. 

Save students' log in information
To print or download PDF with students’ login info: class number, student login and password you need to press the “Download passwords” (1) button. If you’d like to print or download PDF individual student log in info press “Print”(2) button.

Need to change the grade level?
If you want to change your grade for the whole class, please send a request with your class number and a grade that needs to be changed to For example, Class Number 888 888 888 needs to be changed from Kindergarten to Grade 2.

Important update for Clever users: 

Since you've made a set up through Clever, Happy Numbers is not able to make any changes to your class roster (change class name and grade / add or delete students). For this purpose you should contact your school Clever administrator. Once your class info is changed in the Clever portal, it will automatically be synced with your Happy Numbers account.

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