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How do I add a teacher assistant to my class?
How do I add a teacher assistant to my class?

Your assistants and co-teachers will get access to your class data: progress reports, student assignments, and activity stream.

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In your teacher account, go to the "Roster" section (1). Below the class roster, you'll find a category for Teacher Assistants. Click "Add teacher assistant" (2).

Enter the school email address of the assistant in the designated field (1), and click the "Invite" button (2).

We’ll send the assistant a notification email immediately, and you’ll be able to monitor the status of your invitation.

  1. If your teacher assistant already has a Happy Numbers account, they will be able to switch between classes after you send the invitation.

  2. If your teacher assistant is new to Happy Numbers, they will receive an email with a link to create a new account. Upon entering Happy Numbers as a teacher, your teacher assistant will be able to see your class data.

You can always add another teacher assistant or remove existing ones as needed.

Click “Add teacher assistant” (1) to send a new invitation or “Delete” (2) to remove an assistant from your class.

Teacher Assistant's view:

Important information for Clever and ClassLink users:

To add or remove a teacher assistant who is a Clever or ClassLink user, please reach out to your school’s Clever or ClassLink administrator. Once the data is updated, it will automatically synchronize with Happy Numbers.

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