Set Up Your Mid-Year Test with Happy Numbers!

How does the test work? How to set it up? What will students see? Why don't some students see the test? What happens after the test?

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How does the test work?

The Mid-Year Test was designed for two purposes: to help you track student progress and to help your students skip certain topics if they are ready to move on. How does the second one work? Some students had gaps in their knowledge at the beginning of the year and were placed below their grade level. By working both with Happy Numbers and with you, they can close these gaps faster than they move in our curriculum. If the Mid-Year Test results are higher than a student's current point, we will skip some topics and move him/her to the appropriate level. If the Mid-Year Test results are lower than expected, we will not downgrade a student in the curriculum.

How to set up the test?

The Mid-Year Test starts being accessible from December 15th only to students who completed the Placement Test.

By default, the Mid-Year Test is not activated for your class because we know how many other tests and assessments your students have to take already. But when designing the Mid-Year Test, we tried to make it different from a regular test, and our research shows that children think it is a part of our game-like curriculum and do not get frustrated about taking it.

You can activate the test in the Assessment section:

  • go to the Reports tab

  • select Assessment

  • activate the assessment by ticking the checkbox next to Mid-Year Test

  • use the calendar to choose the start date for the assessment to show up in student accounts

  • click Set Test Start Date to apply the selected dates. You are good to go!

What will my students see?

When your students log into their accounts, they will see the assessment instead of their usual progress bar. You can see what each level looks like below:

The test consists of 25 items for each grade. Though the test itself is not adaptive, it will be automatically chosen to match individual levels and area of focus for each student. The test also covers the skills associated with the Happy Numbers curriculum a little below and above the student’s current math level.

The Mid-Year Test doesn’t provide instant feedback, so it’s time for students to test their knowledge. We highly recommend that students take the test on their own without any extra assistance provided. This way, the test can detect weak spots, so students can work on them and boost their knowledge.

The test is untimed and usually takes between 20 to 30 minutes to complete. If students don’t finish in one sitting, the test will resume where they left off at their next login.

Why don’t some of my students see the test?

If you have activated the Mid-Year Test and some students don’t see it, this is probably because it hasn’t been 3 days since they completed the Placement Test. According to our methodology and MetaMetrics recommendations, we advise setting the Mid-Year Test at least 60 days after the Placement Test. Otherwise, the result will be nonrepresentative.

What happens after the test?

The Mid-Year Test can help low-achieving students close gaps in the Happy Numbers curriculum. Happy Numbers uses Mid-Year Test results to adjust student learning pathways for those performing above grade level but will not downgrade students with low scores (placement map here).

After completing the test, students who did not have a course reassignment will continue from exactly the same point in the curriculum where they left off, even if they finished midway through an exercise. Those students whose assignment is changed will start from the new point in the curriculum.

Happy learning and testing!

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