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How can I move a student to another class?
How can I move a student to another class?
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If you are looking to transfer a student to another teacher's class within the same school or another class of yours, you will not have to delete or create a new student manually. Our support team can help you move a student or group of students to a different class without losing any student progress.

To request a transfer, please contact us either at or live chat and provide us with the following data:

  • the student's name and current class number

  • the new class number this student should move to

Please keep in mind that transferring students is possible only for teachers who set up an account with HappyNumbers manually. If an account is set through Clever or ClassLink, you will have to edit the class data either on the Clever portal or ClassLink first. When the data gets updated, it will sync to Happy Numbers automatically.

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