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How can I change the grade level for my class?
How can I change the grade level for my class?
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If you want to change your grade for the whole class, please send a request with your class number and a grade that needs to be changed to

For example, Class Number 888 888 needs to be changed from Kindergarten to Grade 2. Changing the grade is possible only for classes that are created manually. Also, keep in mind that we will have to reset the entire class's progress to start a proper grade change process.

If resetting the class progress is not an option, please check out this guide to see how you can modify the curriculum manually by assigning specific topics and modules to your students.

Teachers who use Clever for rostering their classes do not have an option to request a grade change for technical reasons. For this purpose, you should contact your school Clever administrator. Once your class info is changed in the Clever portal, it will automatically be synced with your Happy Numbers account.

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