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This Admin Report displays teacher and student progress toward activation. It’s a 4-step process beginning with the teacher receiving an invitation to Happy Numbers and logging into their account to the moment when their students complete the Placement Test and begin studying on Happy Numbers (which we measure as solving at least one task after completing the Placement Test). The report will also show admins which teachers are currently at which step of the activation process, so you can assist them or encourage them to use their Premium access.

The report consists of two main sections: diagrams displaying teacher and student activation rates and a teacher data tab where admins can access individual activation progress details of each teacher.


The diagrams display two main metrics: teacher activation rate and student activation rate.

In the teacher section, admins can see the total rate as a percentage based on two main stages of activation: activated teachers and non-activated ones. An activated teacher is a teacher having over 70% of students who solved at least 1 task after the Placement Test.

The student activation section shows an overall student activation rate based on the number of rostered students and the number of those who solved at least one task. An activated student is a student who completed the Placement Test and solved at least 1 task.

Teacher Data Tab

The tab below the diagrams shows admins which teacher is currently at which step of the activation process. Admins can sort teachers by subscription type, activation stage, and teacher’s grade as reported to Happy Numbers during the school onboarding process.

Below is an example of the kind of teacher data admins can find in the tab.

  1. Teacher has set up a class in Kindergarten

  2. Teacher visited the website and completed registration

  3. Teacher created a class and added students

  4. Over 70% of students completed the Placement Test

  5. 23 students have solved at least one task, therefore only 23 students have been activated

  6. By hitting GO, admins can access a teacher’s Happy Numbers account to view class data and class performance reports. To learn what report options Happy Numbers teachers have, please check the Help Center Teacher Reports section.

To learn more about your Activation Report and request help, please contact us at or via live chat.

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