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Check where exactly your students struggle and intervene when they need it the most

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What is this feature about?

Have you ever wondered where exactly on Happy Numbers your students struggle? Have you ever noticed the red alert mark that sometimes appears on the Weekly Dashboard next to students' names? This alert means that a student has struggled with accuracy or time in one or more tasks this week.

Note: If you want to recollect other features on your Teacher Weekly Dashboard, please check out this article.

Click the 'dropdown arrow' on the right side of the screen for more detailed information. By opening this section, you will see the list of tasks that this student has solved this week, including a red alert symbol next to the ones that caused problems.

To spot only the ones that caused problems, select 'Show only struggle tasks'.

We recommend re-solving this exercise with the student to find out where the points of difficulty are. To do this, click on the task's name to open it, and ask the student to solve it alongside you. Checking mistakes or misunderstandings together may help you determine what type of support is needed: a quick explanation or some extra practice. Unfortunately, sometimes student errors are not caused by math gaps but by difficulties interacting with the program interface. We will be very grateful if you send a description of such issues to our support team at Together we can make Happy Numbers better!

How do we determine the need for intervention?

Sometimes, a low accuracy doesn't mean your student has gaps. If he solves 2 out of 3 problems (an accuracy rate of 66%), a simple typo is often the reason. However, when he solves 8 out of 12 problems, the same accuracy rate of 66% is more doubtful. That's why our methodologists have developed a unique algorithm to highlight only tasks where the number of mistakes is significant. If you want to know how many problems were solved correctly, click on the student's name and find this task in the Activity Stream.

Should you have any questions about the alert, please contact our support team at or live chat.

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