Sometimes a teacher or a student may fail to log into his account getting Error Code 422. The error message tells: "Oops! We can't process that. You may have tried to change something you don't have access to".

For the best performance, we recommend turning cookies on before using Happy Numbers. Here are some instructions on how to do it in different browsers.


  1. On your computer, open Chrome.

  2. At the top right, click More Settings.

  3. Under "Privacy and security," click Site settings.

  4. Click Cookies.

  5. Turn on cookies: Next to "Blocked," turn on the switch.

In the Safari app on your Mac, choose Safari > Preferences, click Privacy. Then,

make sure that you haven’t selected “Block all cookies.” A good balance of settings

is to enable "Prevent cross-site tracking" and disable "Block all cookies".

Sometimes changing the browser may also help avoid getting the error code 422. Should you feel stuck, please contact us by email or via live chat. Our support team will help you on every step of your way.

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