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This customized student report illustrates a student's yearlong journey with Happy Numbers. It is designed to help parents and teachers better understand the student's curriculum progress, math growth, and next-grade-level readiness.

To generate and access the Parent Report, log into your teacher account and navigate to the Parent Report page. Select either the English or Spanish version of the report and click "Request Report." You can leave the page and return later; it typically takes 3-5 minutes to generate the file.

Take a look at Jane's downloaded report to see the data it entails:

The report consists of 3 sections: Grade Readiness, Curriculum Progress, and Topics to Practice.

Grade Readiness

This section shows assessment results and the curriculum placement point based on them. Thanks to proper visualization and a color-coded key, you can easily explain to a parent where their child began and where they moved to based on the test results.

Note: This section will not show up for PK students who started practicing before March 1st, as they don’t have a Placement Tes

Curriculum Progress

This section shows how a student has advanced in the curriculum since the placement point. Here teachers can also see how the curriculum progress correlates with the progress made across the grades.

Since we know parents want to know the average class results, we’ve calculated this data for them. Now they can see all the information about student progress benchmarks in the text note below the grade progress bar.

This section is perfect for exposing student’s learning pace and their results compared to classmates anonymously. If a teacher wants to share any feedback on a particular student, they can also add their recommendation in the ‘Teacher’s notes’ area.

Topics to Practice

We also understand that parents want to know where exactly their child struggles. Therefore, we’ve included in the report the topics in which a student has made the highest number of mistakes out of the total tasks completed.

This section also shows topics coming next in the curriculum to help families prepare for them at home. Below, there’s a link to view the entire grade curriculum – you will be able to explore the grade content.

Note: When a student completes the End of Year (EOY) assessment, we remove the 'Topics to practice' section and focus solely on the EOY score. This provides a clear summary of the student's performance over the academic year.

Feel free to contact us at if you want to share any ideas on how we can improve this report ;)

Happy Learning!

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