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How do I introduce Happy Numbers to my school team?
How do I introduce Happy Numbers to my school team?

Best tips for an easy, effective presentation - 5-minute read!

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Your students have been using Happy Numbers, and we hope you’re pleased with the math boost it gives them. Now, you might be looking to introduce it to your colleagues or share your success story with administrators. We’re in your corner!

We know that introducing an educational tool to a school team can be an intimidating task. Everyone wants to make sure that it is secure, user-friendly, and able to meet their needs before deciding to implement something new. We understand that, and we want to support you with the best tips & data to give you confidence while sharing Happy Numbers with your team.

Here are our suggestions for persuading your school team to give us a shot👇

  1. Kick off early and be persistent

    It’s important to start the process as early as possible. If you can, try making your request before the school year starts or, even better, toward the end of the previous school year. This gives your colleagues and administrators more time to review your request and consider the tool you suggest. Tie in Happy Numbers to school discussions of math, technology, and differentiation.

  2. Invite colleagues or an admin to your classroom to show the platform in action

    73% of our teachers call it the most impactful way to introduce Happy Numbers to a team - it’s an absolute eye-catcher when it goes live!

    Before inviting your colleagues to the classroom, make sure that you’ve prepared a few brief notes covering all the key points you find the most game-chaging to your math instruction.

  3. Share a quick & easy introduction - 1-3 minute read

    We know that teachers run a tight schedule most of the time, and inviting them to your class might not be an option for everyone. Coming up with a short pitch is the easiest way to exchange a word about Happy Numbers with any of your colleagues while chatting in the corridor or enjoying a break together. Guess what? We’ve got a simple slide show ready for you to use!

  4. Share your students’ feedback with your team

    Their voice matters! Your students have been using the platform quite a lot and enjoying it, so you might want to capture their thoughts about their experience. If your students are growing, your admins will be excited to know how you make it work.

    One of our students, Jacob, has decided to share his story, too. He bravely took part in a short video that sheds light on how we teach and what our student experience looks like. Feel free to share the link with your team - just a 3-minute watch to explore much of our content.

    Watch Jacob’s story below👇

  5. Use more data if your team has time to dive deep into Happy Numbers

    Nothing is more compelling than hard evidence like data and statistics, and you must already be picking up some progress data to share. Keep up the good work!

    However, we’ve got some other options our teachers find extremely helpful:

    • Invite your colleagues to a recorded PD session hosted by our veteran teacher Emily Levy. They’ll learn how to implement Happy Numbers in their daily routine and how to help all their students excel in math. It's interactive to keep them engaged!

    • Get to know the power behind Happy Numbers: we are research-based, and ESSA certified.

    • Check what other teachers are saying about us on Clever. Yes, you read it right - we know Clever and ClassLink from A to Z. Our teachers can prove it!

    • Contact our team, and we will equip you with a class report showing yearly progress made in your class.

    If your team or admin communication doesn’t go right, and you feel stuck, we’ll be around to help you each step of the way. If you’re looking for specific data to introduce Happy Numbers to your team and support your choice, please message us at We’ll do our best to equip you with the most efficient tools and help your team achieve success, too!

    See you on board!

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