What is Happy Letters?
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Inspired by the success of the Happy Numbers math platform, Happy Letters was created as a supplementary tool for PK-K ELA teachers. Based on thorough user testing and feedback earned while perfecting our math resource, Happy Numbers subject experts have now applied their knowledge and the most recent findings in educational research to create Happy Letters, a comprehensive and effective curriculum supplement.

An immediate goal of Happy Letters is to help students master letters and sounds through careful guidance, storytelling, and engaging activities. In the long term, this tool develops students’ reading skills. Who wouldn’t like the opportunity to help Alfy the dog find his missing letters in a wonderful and challenging journey through a magical world?

Important note: it's a beta version now available to a limited number of PK-K teachers. If you want to be added to the test group, please send us a request to ela@happynumbers.com. Please don't forget to mention the grade you teach.

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