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How to give access to Happy Letters

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We've simplified the process of managing your Happy Letters class roster by removing unnecessary interface actions and simply adding a "To edit roster go to Happy Numbers" button for your convenience.

More information on that here.

How to give access to Happy Letters?

We’ve made access to Happy Letters as simple as possible! There’s a default option of giving access to students in your Happy Numbers teacher account. Any time you add a new student to the roster, they will get immediate access to HL by default.

The flexibility of roster management allows you to manually give access to individual students or restrict it on the roster page of your HL account. By clicking the check mark next to the student’s name and then confirming the action, you can restrict their access to Happy Letters. Also, you can grant or restrict access to all students. For this, click Select All/Deselect All and confirm the action.

If Happy Letters access is restricted for the whole class, you’ll still see the switching tab between Math and ELA in your teacher account. The students, however, will only have access to math lessons in their accounts.

If you want to remove access to Happy Letters from your teacher account, go to Settings of either your HN or HL account.

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