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What is Happy Letters?
How do students move through the course?
How do students move through the course?
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Course map

The course map represents the magic world through which Alfy the dog is taking his journey and inviting students to join him. There are 6 locations on the map: 5 teaching modules and the End of Year (EOY) test, which will be the last destination at the mysterious castle. Students will gain access to modules and open new locations as they progress through the course.

Module map

As students move from one location to another, they see a module map. It also shows the total number of units in each module (up to 11) and represents each unit as a specific point on this map. More information about the Happy Letters curriculum can be found here.

The module map can help teachers and their students track their progress through the curriculum:

Grey paw - unit is locked and hasn’t been started yet

Purple paw - unit is in progress

Green check mark - unit is completed

Once a unit is completed, students automatically move to the next map point.

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