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Teacher Reports & Class Data
Teacher Reports & Class Data
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The Weekly Report illustrates how students perform on a weekly basis. We encourage teachers to track it accordingly. By clicking the calendar, you’ll be able to see the data for the previous week. Also, you’ll notice that the students here are divided into three groups:

  • those who have just started the task

  • those who haven’t started it yet

  • those who have no access to ELA lessons (more information on how to manage the access here)

Data in the table shows students’ total usage time and average accuracy on all completed tasks during the current week.

If you want to check the data on a specific student, you can click here and see the data breakdown per unit. Here, you can see the information on when the student started the task, accuracy percent, and the task in progress.

The Intervention Alert icon appears when the accuracy is lower than 70%. You may also see it in cases when the overall weekly accuracy is higher than 70, but there are some tasks that students found difficult to complete. That’s why we alert you to it right here.

Read more about the Student Intervention Alert in our Happy Numbers Help Center.

Refresh data

If you want to keep track of live data during the lesson, you can actualize it by clicking the Refresh data button.

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