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How to read the assessment scores
How to read the assessment scores
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Starting from the 2023-2024 school year, Happy Numbers has introduced a new scoring system designed to provide a clear overview of a student's performance. Let's take a closer look at the key features of this new scoring system.

Each student receives a score as a result of the Happy Numbers assessment, where the first letter or digit represents the grade level, and the subsequent two digits indicate the percentage of the curriculum mastered at that level.

For instance, a score of 210 on the Placement Test indicates that the student is approximately 10% above the start of the 2nd-grade curriculum. Similarly, a score of K15 refers to approximately 15% above the start of the Kindergarten curriculum. Pre-K level results are labeled with two letters at the beginning (e.g., PK30). This scoring system applies universally, regardless of the test or grade level.

To learn about how to view and evaluate Placement Test results in the Happy Numbers scoring system, please click here.

As in previous years, Happy Numbers assessments are powered by The Quantile® Framework for Mathematics. If you want to see the results on this scale, just reach out to us at Please note that specific Quantile measures are available only to Premium users.

For additional information on evaluating Happy Numbers assessment results using Quantiles, please visit this link.

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