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A K-5 Printables Library designed to save your time and simplify math practice for your students

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We are happy to introduce the new Printables Library! Here are the main principles by which we created it:

  • Robust: Our printed materials cover the entire K-5 curriculum.

  • Trusted: All the printables were created by our methodology team with the review of an instructional math coach using the best pedagogical practices.

  • Time-saving: All the printables are standards-aligned, but for ease of searching they are grouped by particular skills (for example, “2-digit addition with regrouping”).

  • Differentiated: For each skill, we prepared up to 3 levels of difficulty (Easy-Medium-Challenging) to allow teachers to individualize instruction in one step.

  • Accessible: All the printables are available in English and Spanish.

  • Convenient: We created a special tool that allows you to print as many copies of each level of difficulty as needed in just a few clicks.

How to use our Printables Library

In your teacher’s account, go to the Printables section.

Note! Our full Printable Library is shown only to Premium users.

All printables are grouped by domain and tagged by grade, skill, and CCSS, so you can search by typing key word, domain abbreviation, or by clicking on the tag of the skill or standard. There is the option to choose more than one skill or standard.

Some of the printables are game-like and suitable for fun Friday group activities. We’ve marked these with a “Cooperative” icon.

If material requires a few minutes of preparation, you will see a time alert on it! But no worries, this prep time won’t be longer than 7 minutes.

Also, you can see previews of all levels of difficulties without even opening the printables! Easily click on the arrows, and you’ll see what’s inside.

When you find the material that is suitable for your lesson, click on it to see what’s inside each level of difficulty in detail.

First, decide how many students need more guided practice with a model, which part of your class is on grade level and can do the medium tasks, and who needs to be challenged with the highest level. Then, it's easy to create your individual pdf file for the lesson by choosing the number of copies of each level. Don’t forget to add printable materials for your Spanish learners by switching the language to Spanish!

When to use the Printables Library

  • You might use all levels of difficulty to differentiate instructions during a lesson.

  • If you notice students struggling with a particular skill, you can print easy level materials and use them during intervention lessons.

  • You can use printable materials with cooperative icons to organize work in groups during the lesson.

  • You can print our game-like activities to make your fun Friday more engaging.

What’s next?

We’re sure you’re excited to try our Printables Library, but we have even more features to release:

  • Collecting your feedback and update any printables that need fine-tuning

  • Creating a recommendation system for additional practice for your students based on their Happy Numbers performance

Stay tuned to enjoy new Happy Numbers features, and save your priceless time for actual instruction!

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