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How to create an assignment?
How to create an assignment?
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To access assignments, navigate to the "Assignments" section of the teacher dashboard.

  1. Select Students: Assign tasks to specific students or groups based on their proficiency levels. Use the "Below grade level," "On grade level," and "Above grade level" filters to easily sort your students.

  2. Select Assignment Size: Choose the appropriate task set duration and the number of skills to assign. This flexibility allows you to cater to your students' diverse needs and optimize their practice time.

  3. Choose Skills to Assign: Customize the assignment by selecting the skills you want to focus on. Each skill is provided with two types of tasks: guided practice and practice. You can choose specific domains and grade levels to align the content with your teaching objectives.

  4. Preview Selected Assignments: Review your selection before finalizing the assignment. This preview option ensures that you're providing a well-rounded and targeted learning experience.

  5. Name and Set Dates: Give your assignment a relevant and descriptive name, and choose the start and end dates for the task. Clear assignment names help students understand the purpose, and setting deadlines encourages time management.

  6. Submit the assignment by clicking on Complete Assignment. The assignment will appear in students’ accounts on the date you have chosen.

Note that individual learning paths will be blocked until the assignment is completed by students or canceled by Happy Numbers due to completion timeout. (Learn more about time limits).

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