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Assignment size and completion time
Assignment size and completion time
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The first step in utilizing the Assignment feature is choosing the appropriate duration for the assignment. We offer three options for grades K to 2: a quick 5-minute task set, a moderate 10-minute task set with up to two skills to assign, and a more comprehensive 15-minute task set with up to three skills to assign.

  1. 5-Minute Task Set: This option is ideal for warm-ups, introducing new concepts, or quick reviews, such as exit tickets. Only one skill (checkbox) can be assigned for 5-min practice.

  2. 10-Minute Task Set: Teachers can assign up to two skills to target specific learning objectives, ensuring students receive a well-rounded practice session.

  3. 15-Minute Task Set: The 15-minute task set offers the opportunity to assign up to three skills. This option is excellent for reinforcing a broader range of concepts or reviewing multiple areas of difficulty.

Starting from 3rd grade, the time range for completing assignments increases, as the tasks are designed to practice more advanced skills.

It’s important to note that the target time for completing an assignment is determined by the median time of an average student of a certain grade level. If the assignment grade level is higher or lower than the student’s grade level, the completion time could vary.

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