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Automatic cancelation of the assignment by Happy Numbers
Automatic cancelation of the assignment by Happy Numbers
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In the "Assignments" section, we have implemented an automatic cancellation feature. This will help students avoid getting stuck on challenging assignments that are blocking their individual learning path, allowing them to return to tasks at their own level.

When does this happen?

For kindergarten classes, assignment cancellation occurs when a student exceeds the teacher-set time limit by 3 times. For example, if a teacher assigns a set of tasks of 10 minutes, if a student does not complete the task within 30 minutes, it will be automatically canceled.

For 1st to 5th grade classes, assignments will be canceled if a student exceeds the expected time for the assignment by 4 times. For instance, if a teacher selects a set of tasks with a time range of 10-14 minutes, the assignment will be canceled after 40-56 minutes from when the student began working on it.

Remember, the time when a student is not doing anything on the assigned tasks is not included in the total task completion time.

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