The more students spend time on the platform, the more real math growth results. This assertion is supported by our method for assessing and moving a student through the school year curriculum with our unique scoring system.

Starting from the entry point determined by the Placement Test, each student works in the zone of proximal development all the time. Our scoring system ensures students spend just the right amount of time on any exercise. Within each one, students complete several tasks with increasing levels of difficulty.

Below, you can see the score counter with fruits at the top of the screen -- this is our adaptive scoring system.

If students solve a task correctly, one fruit moves from left to right on a score counter. If students make a mistake, we provide guided intervention to help correct their thinking, and a fruit moves back from right to left. Students have to move all the fruits to the right to advance to the next exercise.

Each different fruit represents a different level of difficulty for that exercise:

  • The first kind of fruit - for example, orange- may mean the easiest task of the bunch - a task with an explanation using models. The number of oranges means the number of tasks students should complete correctly to be ready to move on to the next level.

  • The second kind of fruit - for example, apple - may represent more complex tasks with a text hint.

  • And the third kind of fruit - for example, pear - may mean the hardest task with no hint. In this task, students will show their mastery of the concept and work independently.

To advance to the next task, students have to move all the fruits or beads to the right.

This system ensures that each student completes the right number of problems before they are ready for more complex concepts. This is how curriculum progress within Happy Numbers translates into real math growth. And that’s why it’s so important that you keep track of attendance rates and weekly time spent to influence students to achieve their weekly targets!

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