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What is Happy Numbers?
Does Happy Numbers have a Spanish version?
Does Happy Numbers have a Spanish version?

Exercises available in Spanish from PreK to Grade 5

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Happy Numbers is available in Spanish. Both the English and Spanish versions of Happy Numbers have a sound feature that allows students to click on microphone to hear the directions read aloud in a natural human voice. All text is concise and clear, using repetitive language and short, simple statements. The visual supports and modeling embedded in each lesson make Happy Numbers accessible for non-English-speaking students as well as non-readers.

The picture shows the Spanish version of directions within an exercise. Students can click on the sound icon and the text will be read aloud in Spanish by a natural human voice.

For now we don't have an option to choose Spanish for the whole class, but once you choose language for a certain student system will remember this customisation.  

By default all students have English language, to assign Spanish to certain students please check out this article. 

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