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Getting Started with Math Challenge
Getting Started with Math Challenge

Math Challenge is a 4-week interclass competition to boost implementation success and encourage regular usage to gain math growth.

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Setting Up Your Math Challenge

Access your administrator account and click the "Challenge" tab to start. Scheduling is straightforward:

  • Select the starting week

  • Choose the participating grade levels

  • Click "Launch Challenge" to schedule the competition

You can launch multiple Math Challenges at your school, even on overlapping dates, with classes simultaneously participating in several challenges.

Making Changes to the Challenge

The "Scheduled" status indicates the Math Challenge is set up but has yet to begin. In this phase, you can add more participating grades to the challenge. However, the grade levels that are already selected cannot be deleted, and the starting week is fixed and cannot be edited or deleted either.

You can cancel the challenge by clicking the "Cancel Challenge" button.

Important Note: once the challenge shifts to "Active" status, it'll run its course over the next four weeks. At this stage, it cannot be canceled without assistance from our support team. For such instances, you'll need to contact

Keeping Everyone Informed

Happy Numbers keeps all participants, including administrators and teachers, updated throughout the challenge.

  • You'll receive an immediate email confirmation if you schedule the Math Challenge more than seven days in advance. Teachers will be notified seven days before the start.

  • You and the teachers will receive instant confirmation emails for challenges scheduled less than seven days in advance.

  • Additionally, timely notifications with reminders will be sent out for the following key dates:

    • Competition Start: The first day of the competition.

    • Midpoint: The third Monday of the competition.

    • Competition End: The first Monday after the competition ends.

Tracking Progress: The Leaderboard

When the Math Challenge is "Active," you can track progress via the leaderboard. It displays:

  • Each participating class's current rank.

  • Grade level and unique class number.

  • Teacher's email address.

  • Total points earned.

You can also see each class's total and weekly points during the challenge.

Completion and Rewards

The final results become accessible once the challenge wraps up and reaches the "Completed" status. A "Download Certificates" button allows administrators and teachers to download certificates. Administrators can upload PDFs for classes and teachers, and teachers can do the same for their students.

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