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How Do Classes Earn Points in the Math Challenge?
How Do Classes Earn Points in the Math Challenge?

In the Math Challenge, the point system is designed to motivate and reflect student participation.

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Points are primarily calculated based on the attendance and engagement of students. The formula for point calculation multiplies the ratio of attending students to the total number of students rostered with the time spent during the week on math activities each week. This approach emphasizes participation and the duration and quality of engagement with math tasks.

There's an additional Teacher Sign-In Bonus, which provides a significant boost. Teachers can double their classes' points simply by signing into their accounts during the challenge week. This bonus is automatically applied once per week, enhancing the class's position on the leaderboard and fostering a more engaging and competitive learning environment.

The Math Challenge encourages regular and meaningful student involvement in math through this strategic point system, turning learning into an engaging, school-wide competition.

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