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How does the Math Challenge work?
How does the Math Challenge work?
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Point Calculation

  • Basic Mechanism: Points during the Math Challenge are tallied on the leaderboard. The calculation is based on the ratio of attending (active) students to total enrolled students, multiplied by the time these students spend on math each week.

  • Teacher Sign-In Bonus: Teachers can further double their class’s points simply by signing in to their account during the week of the challenge. This bonus is automatically applied to all their classes.

Leaderboard and Ranking

The leaderboard is a dynamic table displaying classes participating in the challenge, arranged by their current rank.

If classes have equal points, the ranking follows an Olympic-style format:

  • If two classes are tied for the first place, both get the "gold," and the next one is awarded the "bronze."

  • For a second-place tie, the first class receives the "gold," followed by two "silver" designations.

  • When three classes share the top spot, each class is presented with a "gold" distinction.

This method ensures fair and exciting competition, keeping classes motivated and engaged throughout the Math Challenge.

Roster Changes During the Math Challenge

The leaderboard dynamically reflects any changes made to school rosters:

If students transfer to a different class, their progress remains recorded under their previous class. Any new progress after the move is credited to the new class.

Class Modifications:

  • Teacher Transfers: All existing progress is saved when a class is handed over to another teacher.

  • New Class Creation: If a teacher creates a class during the math challenge and its grade level corresponds with those in the Challenge, it will automatically join the competition.

  • Grade Level Changes: If the grade level of a class is changed, either through Clever/ClassLink or by contacting, the class may either be included in or removed from the Math Challenge, depending on the new grade level.

  • Class Deletion: If a class gets deleted, whether through Clever/ClassLink or, it will be entirely taken out of the Math Challenge.

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