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Math Challenge for teachers and students
Math Challenge for teachers and students
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As a teacher on, you'll find a new "Math Challenge" section under the "Other" tab in your account. This section varies depending on the status of the Math Challenges:

  • When an Active Challenge is running: Teachers see a banner with general information and access to the leaderboard.

  • When No Challenges are Active: The message "Math Challenge not scheduled yet! Connect with your school admin to organize it within your school" appears alongside a blue informational banner.

  • Upcoming Challenge: If a challenge is scheduled but has yet to start, the message "Math Challenge starts on [Month], [Day]" is displayed. The leaderboard becomes visible once the competition begins.

Remember that your involvement is crucial in the Math Challenge. By signing into your account during the challenge week, you'll automatically activate a Teacher Sign-In Bonus that doubles your classes' points.

During active challenges, you can access a specially formatted leaderboard using the "Present" button. This feature is great for displaying on a classroom whiteboard, adding a visual and competitive element to the challenge.

Once the challenge is completed, you can download certificates, allowing you to celebrate and recognize each student's effort and achievement.

Note on Student Engagement:

Students aren't directly informed of the Math Challenge via their accounts. Their tasks and progress in the Happy Numbers curriculum remain consistent, regardless of the challenge. This setup ensures that the core educational journey of students is uninterrupted, while the Math Challenge adds a layer of motivation and classroom excitement.

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