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Teacher Weekly Dashboard

Get the most out of tracking your weekly class progress

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This dashboard lets a teacher check on how individual students or a whole class performs during the week. It consists of two main parts: an upper diagram section with a class activity summary and a lower diagram displaying individual student details.

Class Activity Diagram

This panel displays class Activity and Target Completion.

Activity Section

The Activity section lets a teacher see how many students stayed active (logged in) during the week and on which days. The total number of active students and the number currently online are also indicated. To see the names of active students and spot those who achieved the target, hover over a particular data point.

Target Completion Section

The Target Completion section lets teachers check the achievement of Time and Task Targets.

Time Target

The data indicates the total number of students who completed the weekly Time Target. Teachers can hover over this number to see student names. By default, the weekly Time Target is set to 45 minutes. We recommend sticking with this Time to let students achieve at least one year of growth by the end of the school year. However, a teacher can change the weekly Time Target in the Control Panel. Find out more about setting up your Weekly Target in How to Use Weekly Targets?

Important: The time a student spends working on Teacher Assignments is not taken into account in the Weekly Report's Time Target. Read our recommendations for adjusting the Time Target when using the Assignments.

Task Target

Task Target is the minimum number of weekly tasks that students are expected to complete. It is calculated based on a student's assignment and Time Target. Data is displayed as a total number of students who completed the target and a diagram showing stages of completion. Again, hovering over a data point shows student details.

Note: By default, the reports display only the current week's data, though a teacher can select any previous week's data by clicking on the Calendar button.

Detailed Data

Below the Class Activity diagrams, teachers can find detailed data on how individual students perform during the week. Once the Placement Test is completed, students are listed here based on the grade level at which they're working. If a student has not completed the Placement Test, an indicator Test Not Started/In Progress will be shown.

What kind of data a teacher can get from the Weekly Report?

Happy Student has been assigned to Grade 2 based on the Placement Test results.

  1. This student's had 1 struggle task this week.

  2. He was last online 7 days ago.

  3. This week, he was running exercises on Monday for 15 minutes, Wednesday for 4 minutes, Thursday for 14 minutes, and Friday for 25 minutes.

  4. He has completed his Time Target of 58 minutes.

  5. He has accomplished more than half of her Task Target.

  6. He has completed 9 tasks out of 13 tasks assigned. To see the total number of tasks assigned per week, you need to hover over the Task Target scale.

  7. His accuracy rate on those tasks is 85%.

  8. Provided that he completes the Time Target, she will be ready for Grade 3 in 22 weeks.

  9. He is currently working at Operations & Algebraic Thinking: Grade 2, Module 1, Topic A ( curriculum point).

  10. By clicking the tick, you can see the tasks Happy Student has worked on this week. You can also check the main details on the tasks done during the week selected.

Intervention Alert

Sometimes you notice the red alert mark next to students' names. This alert means that a student has struggled with accuracy or Time in one or more tasks this week.

Click the 'dropdown arrow' on the right side of the screen for more detailed information. By opening this section, you will see the list of tasks this student has solved this week, including a red alert symbol next to the ones that caused problems.

If you want to know more about student intervention alerts, please check out this article.

Note: On average, students should complete their Task Target within the Time Target time. However, all students are different, and some may complete it faster than other students. These indicators for Time Target and Task Target are reset each week so that students begin each Monday morning with the clock and progress bar at zero.

The indicators turn green when the targets are achieved, so we recommend teachers encourage their students to try turning the clock and Progress bar green each week.

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