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Which grade do I choose for my SPED class?
Which grade do I choose for my SPED class?

Which options do you have for SPED teachers?

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If you are a SPED teacher and teach students at different levels, you have two options.

  1. You can split your class into groups according to students' level and add another class. This option will let you choose a grade level for each group of students you have. Students will be able to take the placement test of their grade, and the data in your teacher account will be more representative due to the levels of the students you teach.

  2. You can keep students in one class, select the grade that would fit best and customize any student's curriculum individually. You can always assign any student a certain topic or module from any grade you need.

    In your teacher account, go to the Reports section and select Weekly Dashboard to view the list of your students. Click on a certain student to see their current progress and assignment details.

    By switching to "Manage Curriculum" you will be able to customize the number of lessons assigned to this particular student by selecting the necessary modules or topics from the Happy Numbers curriculum. Tick off modules or topics you don't need and add the necessary ones.


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