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Is Happy Numbers a research-based program?
Is Happy Numbers a research-based program?
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The Happy Numbers program is research-based and meets the evidence standards outlined in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), specifically aligning with Tier 3 'Promising Evidence.' A study conducted in 2023 examined the results of kindergarten and grade 1 students from the previous school year (2021-2022) and found a positive and statistically significant relationship between Happy Numbers usage and end-of-year math scores. Click to see the Happy Numbers ESSA Tier III research highlights and the full report.

Our pedagogy is based on solid research in teaching math and time-tested approaches to instruction. We scaffold learning by providing just the right amount of guidance and practice to keep students in their Zone of Proximal Development, moving them toward ever-more complex math skills.

Our essential practices are:

  • We use a Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract model at each grade. Each student’s individual learning pathway involves different types of exercises that use the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract model of education.

  • We keep students in the Zone of Proximal Development. Our unique scoring system ensures students don't click through exercises without understanding.

  • We provide immediate feedback. In the case of a mistake, students continue working independently thanks to immediate feedback represented by friendly tips and color-coded hints. At the same time, we avoid over-instruction to keep motivation and interest high.

Check our recent research to see how Happy Numbers personalized instruction impacts student math achievement👇

Should you like to have more information to support your choice, please contact us at or via live chat.

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