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Wondering how far an individual student has progressed through the Happy Numbers curriculum? We have you covered with an updated Individual Student Report. Go to your Weekly Dashboard and click on a student’s name to access the report.

The updated report includes two main sections: Activity Stream and Manage Curriculum.

The Manage Curriculum section lets you adjust a student’s learning pathway by assigning or removing specific modules and topics. 👉Learn more.

The Activity Stream consists of Summary, Achievements, Skills Report, and Activity Stream.


Here you can find detailed data on how your student has been performing since the curriculum starting point.

Let's see what kind of data a teacher can get from this tab.

  1. This student has been placed in the middle of Grade 1

  2. The progress made since the curriculum starting point is 38%

  3. The current grade level in the curriculum is the end of Grade 1

  4. Provided that the Time Target is completed, the student will be ready for Grade 2 in 28 weeks


This shows how much time your students spent on tasks and how many topics they’ve completed.

Skills Report

It shows the current progress of an individual student on particular math skills. You can also use the Skills report to track the skills progress of your entire class. 👉Learn more.

Activity Stream

You can check the tasks your student has worked on this week. You can also check the main details (e.g., accuracy, time spent, intervention notifications) on the tasks done during a day, month, or year.

We also have an individual student report that you can share with families. It's designed to help parents and teachers better understand the student's curriculum progress, math growth, and next-grade-level readiness. Please check our article to learn more about it.

Should you have any questions about updated Individual Student Report, contact us at or via live chat.

Happy Learning!

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