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What is Happy Letters?
How does Happy Letters teach?
How does Happy Letters teach?
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Laying a foundation

Students lay the groundwork in ELA by mastering letters and sounds. They’re guided through letter recognition and formation, hearing and making sounds, and applying letter/sound understanding to words. Development of these critical skills will help your primary students move toward greater literacy and strengthen their reading foundation.

Perfect small-group ELA instructional tool

Happy Letters provides a purposeful yet independent technology station for ELA teachers and their students. The tasks are designed to promote students' independent learning by carefully guiding them through the curriculum. Immediate feedback and flexible scaffolding help students learn at their own pace: those who demonstrate mastery progress faster, and those who need more instruction receive it.

Gentle environment

The student journey through Happy Letters is guided step-by-step through a friendly voiceover and engaging visual instructions. Students get immediate feedback and support when they make errors, so even mistakes become gentle learning opportunities. This creates a comfortable and joyful environment for minimal anxiety, maximum learning, and increased confidence.

Fun and engaging

Happy Letters isn’t just about learning but also about having fun. Storytelling, friendly characters, and engaging activities create interest and vivid mental images, another cue for recall. They’re also a great way to provide structure and coherence to the course. Game-like elements bring the whole learning experience to another level, motivating students to study and feel less stressed.

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