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What is Happy Letters?
Getting Started with Happy Letters
Getting Started with Happy Letters

Glad to help you get started with Happy Letters!

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It won't take much time since you don't have to set up everything from scratch. Once students log in to their Happy Numbers account, they'll see a page where they can choose the subject. The main set of tools remains the same as the one for Happy Numbers. For detailed information, check the Getting Started article in the Happy Numbers Help Center.

The first thing you’ll see in your teacher account is a switching tab between Math and ELA. Below there are Reports, Curriculum, Printables, and Roster sections that you can browse through.

The Get Started button opens instructions on How to log in your students.

You can see your classes and switch between them here.

By clicking My account, you’ll be able to Go to Happy Numbers, access Settings, Contact Us, or Sign Out.

In Settings, My Account, you can edit your name and email, and reset the password, if necessary.

Further, in Preferences, you can manage access to ELA for your students (more information here).

You can always use the Contact Us feature if you have any questions or suggestions about Happy Letters. Click the Contact Us button in My account to see our Support Team email address.

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