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Our new Assignment feature is accompanied by exclusive content specifically designed for it. While the topics remain the same as the usual learning path, the tasks are tailored to enhance specific skills.

Each skill comes with two types of tasks, guided practice and practice.

Guided practice involves tasks that use models and manipulatives. Each step of the assignment is thoroughly explained and supported with hints. The sequence of tasks is organized with increasing levels of complexity and aims to achieve a clear understanding of a specific skill.

Guided Practice


Practice tasks are aimed at practicing and reinforcing skills. Practice tasks serve as a valuable tool for students to revisit and strengthen their understanding of core concepts. This strategy allows educators to encourage students to apply what they have learned.

This type of assignment can be used as exit tickets or as a preliminary assessment before introducing new skills to students. By assigning tasks that align with the upcoming learning objectives, teachers can gauge students' prior knowledge and readiness. This approach assists educators in understanding the starting point of each student, allowing them to tailor their instruction to address any gaps in understanding. As a result, teachers can present new concepts more effectively and build upon a foundation of existing knowledge. This strategy ensures that students are better equipped to comprehend and engage with new material, enhancing their overall learning experience.

The Skills Report (learn more about the Skills Report) shows which skills students are currently struggling with. This information will help you select personalized assignments for each student based on the skills that need improvement. Combine guided practice and practice types of tasks to empower students to grasp the concepts.

While the tasks in the Assignment section are focused on specific skills, they also provide the same multi-step support for students when a mistake is made as the tasks in the main curriculum.

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