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Interpreting student results on the assignment report page
Interpreting student results on the assignment report page
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The Assignment feature's Reports page offers a comprehensive view of each student's engagement, accuracy, and time spent on their assigned tasks, empowering you to make informed decisions in your instructional approach. Let's explore how to interpret student results on this page to maximize learning outcomes.

At the top of the page, you'll find an overview of the practice time and skills assigned for the particular task. The practice time indicates the estimated duration for the assignment and the skills demonstrate the specific learning objectives addressed.

The report provides a list of students who were assigned the task, each accompanied by their status and progress. The categorization allows you to identify students who may require additional support or who are doing well on their own. The status indicates whether the student has completed the assignment, is in progress, has not started yet, or the assignment has been canceled by a teacher or automatically by Happy Numbers (Learn more about automatic cancellation).

The report displays students' accuracy in completing the task and the time they spent working on it. The accuracy percentage shows how well a student performed, indicating their grasp of the concept. The time spent metric helps you understand individual learning patterns, allowing you to celebrate students who work efficiently and address potential challenges for those who may require more time.

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