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What features does the administrator account provide?
What features does the administrator account provide?
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School and district administrators at Happy Numbers can monitor teachers and students at the school or district level through four main reports:

  • The Teacher Activation Report displays teacher and student progress toward activation. It's a 4-step process beginning with the teacher receiving an invitation to Happy Numbers and logging into their account to the moment when their students complete the Placement Test and start studying on Happy Numbers. The report will also show admins which teachers are currently at which step of the activation process, so you can assist them or encourage them to use their Premium access. Learn more.

  • The School Usage Report displays how teachers and students use Happy Numbers at the school level. The usage report is intended to be a critical tool for admins, providing them with the ability to monitor how each particular class uses Happy Numbers based on the attendance rate and target completion. Learn more.

  • The Assessment Report based on students' assessment results provides schools and teachers with the opportunity to reframe their teaching and assess the impact of their instructional approaches. Learn more.

Administrators also have an option to switch between admin and teacher account types to manage their classes and students as a teacher.

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