How do I start using Happy Numbers?

Sign up and set up in minutes to get access to year long math curriculum for PreK-5 students

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Welcome to Happy Numbers! We are excited to start your math journey together.

Setting up a Happy Numbers account is easy and quick -- we provide step by step instructions so you can start using our math supplement in minutes.

If you are new to Happy Numbers and not using Clever or ClassLink in your classroom, please follow these simple steps:

  • Click the “I’m a Teacher” button.

  • Click 'Create an account'.

  • Enter your email address, name and create a password. Press 'Create an account'.

  • Select your role. By getting to know you better, we can update you our best offers.

  • Enter your state (1), city (2), school district (3), and school name (4).

    If you don't find your school in the list, please enter it manually.

    Press 'Confirm'.

    We're collecting this data to build good communication with school representatives and teachers.

  • Start setting up a class.

  • Choose the grade you teach in the dropdown menu and create your class name.

    If you are a SPED teacher and teach students at different levels, please select the grade that would fit best. Picking up the wrong grade might cause inconvenience and result into a slower learning process since the curriculum might be just tough. You can also take a look at our Multigrade Guide on how you can get different grades enrolled.

  • Add your students' names and click the "Done" button when done.

You will get to the Getting Started section of your teacher account. Here you can see your class number, edit your class info if needed, and print/save students' passwords. You can also download the list of passwords and share it with the students and their parents.

If you are looking to edit your class roster, please check the Edit Roster Guide.

Once you've made a setup and have a class number, we recommend preparing student's devices for the first run (repeat on each device):

After entering your class number you will be redirected to your class page where students log into their Happy Numbers accounts. On this page you can check the voice over option by clicking the "sound check" button. Also, you can switch our program to Spanish for some students on this step. Device will remember the class number you've entered, so each time your students will click the "I'm a Student" button on the main page they will be redirected to your class page. Once they click on their names and enter their passwords, the math journey will begin. 

Now you're ready to introduce Happy Numbers to students. Be sure you've shared the passwords with students, so they can log into their accounts. Upon first login, all students take the obligatory Placement test to determine the correct starting point. 

To know more on how the Placement test is designed and how you can evaluate its results please check out this article:

Best of luck!

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